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Lisa Baksh is mixed, Puerto Rican. She was born up in Queens housing projects in New York. Lisa went to college in New York. Lisa's parents were born in Puerto Rico. Lisa grew up in California. Lisa talks about California and New York's demographic and how and what influenced her identity. 

Leslie Brown is a native New Yorker who moved to Port Washington when she was eight-years-old. Coincidentally, enough where her wife is also from. Leslie came out as gay at an early age and felt comfortable acknowledging it with her family. 

However, growing up in the '90s there was a fair amount of hate, she saw towards queer people in the media, which made her question her sexuality. Leslie and her wife have been married for two years, and continue to live in New York. 

Kalyn Higgins is a Korean American woman, who spent her childhood living with her white father in Texas, and her Korean mother in New Jersey. She grew up with two other brothers, (one younger, one older) whom she confided in about her feelings of not belonging. Kalyn feels very close to both sides of her family and enjoys sharing and learning about Asian culture, food, and history. 

Caroline Matticoli is biracial. Her mother is Irish, and her father is Argentinian. Caroline was born and raised in NYC, with her older sister. Caroline talks about her childhood memories, family, and her love for fashion.

Deputy Chief Ramon Mercado is a retired NYPD officer who is now working in private investiagating. Ramon Mercado is biracial. He is Puerto Rican and Cuban. He talks about his different experiences growing up in New York. He is also in an interracial marriage and he tells stories about times he and his wife, Ms. Mercado experiences racism because of their different races. 

Veronica Webb was born and raised in Detroit. Veronica is a mother to two biracial daughters. She discusses the topics of race and family. 

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